Field Insight Series

Each Field Insight describes a challenge we faced, the approach we took to address it, and the observed results. This effort is central to our mission to build a fact base for what works, what doesn't and why in water projects.

March 15, 2017
Investing in solar power improves station financial viability and supports affordable pricing to reach more consumers. Solar power generation via a photovoltaic (PV) system provides reliable electricity for water purification and reduces operating costs compared to powering the station via the electric utility grid or diesel generators. Our evidence suggests that PV systems can contribute to the long-term sustainability of providing water to rural and peri-urban communities in Ghana.
September 16, 2015
Our Safe Water Stations are sustainable businesses that deliver reliable and affordable safe water. This Field Insight describes how Safe Water Network's Water Resource Management team in India measured the hydrologic footprint of multiple Stations in a micro-watershed to ensure that environmental requirements are also used to inform evaluation, site assessment, and the potential of Station operators and field staff to promote efficient water resource use.
April 1, 2015
This Field Insight seeks to provide a better understanding of financial sustainability of reverse osmosis (RO) water systems, using examples from our Stations in India.
October 16, 2014
Safe Water Network and regional NGO, Modern Architects of Rural India (MARI), confronted challenges and organizational differences to tailor a solution for local needs. The result: a market-based model rolled out to 55 branded Safe Water Stations.

Forums & Workshops

2017 India Beyond the Pipe Forum

The 2017 Forum focused on urban small water enterprises and how they can bring affordable safe water to the urban poor.

2017 Ghana Beyond the Pipe Forum

The event provided an update on Safe Water Network's Ghana Water Enterprise Trust and Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Pilot Project.



Ghana Water Enterprise Trust: Structuring for Growth and Sustainability

This note describes our continued work to develop a Ghana Water Enterprise Trust, which will address the need for long-term sustainability and scale of small water enterprises in Ghana.



Expansion of Safe Drinking Water 'iJal Stations' in Telangana: Cost-Effective, Replicable, Sustainable Service Delivery

This report captures how Honeywell India's CSR intervention has transformed the lives of the people in the 25 quality-affected habitations of Telangana and adjoining areas where treated water is currently made available at iJal stations for the walk-in consumer and for distant locations through distribution facilities.

Convenience matters: our delivery networks are bringing safe water to more households, contributing to improved health and livelihoods.

Technical Assistance

Insights and Engagements Technical Assistance Intro

We provide direct technical assistance and services on demand to organizations interested in implementing our model. Our program is available to international agencies, local governments, NGOs and social entrepreneurs. We also make available our comprehensive training materials and customize programs for specific requirements.