Mobile for Development Utilities: Improving Water Service Delivery Through Mobile Data Collection

Jun. 2016

Inefficient water delivery services have led to consumers in mostly sub-Saharan Africa and Asia without access to improved drinking water. Mobile technology is now being used to collect and share data on water functionality and use, hoping to improve water service delivery.

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Consumer Research Interventions

Safe Water Network
Apr. 2016

This guide has the researched and tested methods of Safe Water Network in providing sustainable water systems in  developing nations. Such systems often face barriers in quality, financial sustainability, ownership, and inclusiveness, which the organization has managed to overcome with experience.

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Smart Lessons - Bringing Water to Where It is Needed Most: Innovative Private Sector Participation in Water & Sanitation

International Finance Corporation
World Bank Group; Water and Sanitation Program
Jan. 2016

A variety of experiences highlight innovative and diverse initiatives across the World Bank Group, ranging from the Water Footprints Network that supports businesses improving their water use efficiency to the innovative financing mechanisms enabling the expansion of rural water access in Kenya. 

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Results of Round I of the WHO International Scheme to Evaluate Household Water Treatment Technologies

Jan. 2016

In the short-run, household water treatment and safe storage can reduce contaminated water consumption and thus water-borne diseases. A number of these treatments are available and were found to meet WHO recommended performance targets. Behavior interventions and better regulations are still needed.

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