BFA, through its Financial Inclusion for Business Runways (FIBR) project, has supported the strengthening of Safe Water Network’s digital finance capabilities in Ghana. In close collaboration with our business analytics and field implementation teams, BFA helped design a payment digitization initiative, allowing for automated payment collection, as well as prepayment through a new unstructured supplementary service data (USSD) application. BFA also supported product design and piloting of a pay-as-you-go water loan product for Safe Water Network’s household connections program in Ghana.

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Working at the frontiers of applied research and innovation, BFA aims to contribute towards effective and sustainable development, poverty reduction, fulfilling employment in the age of automation, the bridging of digital divides, better participatory and evidence-informed governance, and mitigation of the negative impacts of migratory and climate crises.

Ongoing Innovation

Tracking financial transactions and consumer sales manually is error-prone and time-consuming, and can be difficult to verify. With our partners, we are digitizing the process, thereby reducing errors and improving traceability,...