Mark & Space Telesystems is our technical partner for providing real-time Remote Monitoring technology. This serves as a visual analytical tool to improve the efficiency of our operations by providing local operators timely information to maintain a Safe Water Station. Some of the key remote monitoring performance parameters include optimal pressure, TDS, dosing, and pH levels. This technology is now being introduced to our field initiatives in Ghana.

Mark & Space is an Indian based power and energy management company focused on wireless telecommunication. Taking a customized design and development approach for wireless data applications, the company provides a complete suite of services to meet the data transmission needs of its customers.

"We were pleased that our remote sensors solved the challenge of sending reliable data transmission cost-effectively, even in harsh environmental conditions."
Mark & Space Telesystems

Ongoing Innovation

Remote monitoring is a cost-effective, efficient way of overseeing many water stations simultaneously by a qualified technician. It ensures consistent water quality and identifies potential issues before they become problems.