The Vitol Group is an energy and commodities company. Founded in Rotterdam in 1966, today the company has almost 40 offices worldwide.

The Vitol Foundation goals are aligned with the core values that made Vitol a world leader in the energy business: flexibility to change, a willingness to take risks, speed in responding when needed, optimizing the power of partnerships, as well as leveraging the Group’s global reach and local understanding.

Vitol supports projects that fall under four program areas crtitical to a child’s development: health, water and sanitation/hygiene, education and livelihoods.

Vitol Foundation is providing important core support to Safe Water Network’s expansion initiatives, including strengthening our operations in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. It is also providing key support in the development of a digital operating platform to support replication of the small water enterprise to scale, ensuring that new and existing implementers have the processes and systems for effective implementation.


Collaborating to provide safe water access in the Ashanti Region.