Fred W. Gluck

Mr. Gluck joined McKinsey & Co. in 1967 and led the firm as its managing director from ‘88 to ‘94. During his six years as CEO, McKinsey doubled in size and greatly expanded its international presence, particularly in Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America. Mr. Gluck’s pioneering contributions to the development of the discipline of corporate strategy are featured in Walter Kiechel’s recently published book "The Lords of Strategy." 

Mr. Gluck joined The Bechtel Group in February 1995 serving as vice-chairman and director. Three years later he left Bechtel to rejoin McKinsey as a consultant until 2005. 

Since leaving McKinsey, Mr. Gluck has been active on numerous fronts. He was a founder of CytomX, a technology company focused on early cancer detection and treatment in 2006, and led them as chairman and CEO during the initial two years of technology development and market definition. In 2008, the company spun off Cynvenio and Mr. Gluck continued as chairman of both companies. Mr. Gluck is also an investor and board member of TrueVision, the market leader in flat panel 3D HDTV systems for computer-aided microsurgery. 

Mr. Gluck is involved in various community service roles, including Cottage Hospital System, UCSB Foundation, and the Kavli Institute of Theoretical Physics. He is a former director of AMGEN (Thousand Oaks, CA) [NASDAQ] and presiding director of HCA (Nashville, TN) [NYSE] prior to its 2007 LBO. 

Mr. Gluck earned a B.S.E.E from Manhattan College and an M.S.E.E. from New York University. In addition, he did graduate studies in Operations Research at Columbia University. 

“Safe Water Network has made enormous progress in developing sustainable cost-effective approaches to bringing safe water to extremely disadvantaged communities. I look forward to working with Kurt and the team to refine, scale and catalyze the dissemination of these models to distressed people around the globe.”
Fred W. Gluck