What is Safe Water Network's Whistleblower Protection Policy?

Safe Water Network Whistleblower Policy & Protection

Safe Water Network is committed to maintaining the highest standards of personal and professional integrity, conduct and ethics. Safe Water Network is further dedicated to acting in good faith with those employees who raise concerns regarding incorrect financial reporting, unlawful activity, or otherwise improper conduct.

It is the responsibility of all directors, officers, and employees to comply with the standards of
Safe Water Network and with all general standards of ethical behavior and to report violations or suspected violations according to the procedure set forth in this document.

If any director, officer, or employee becomes aware of, or has a good faith suspicion that Safe Water Network resources are being used fraudulently, dishonestly, or unethically, he or she is obligated to report this knowledge or suspicion.

Questions, complaints, and concerns should be shared with the employee's supervisor or an appropriate manager to handle the complaint.

When the circumstances do not lend themselves to this open-door approach, Safe Water Network has established a process that will ensure confidentiality and will offer protection against retaliation and negative employment consequences as a result of filing a report:

1. The employee should complete a written report, which should be as specific as possible, including such information as: name of the individual or individuals involved, nature of the unethical act or behavior, details as to how this knowledge was obtained, any written proof, and names of any others who are believed to be witnesses.

2. The report should be submitted to one, any number, or all of the following individuals: Chairman, CEO, or any member of the Executive Committee.

No Retaliation Policy
Safe Water Network, including its directors, officers and management, will not retaliate against a whistleblower for making a complaint as long as he or she is acting in good faith and without malicious intent and has reasonable grounds for believing that an ethical violation exists. A director, officer or employee of Safe Water Network who retaliates against someone who has reported a violation is subject to discipline up to and including removal from the Board of Directors or termination of employment.

The recipient(s) of the report will contact the complainant and acknowledge receipt of the reported violation. An investigation will be conducted promptly by one or more of those individuals named above. Investigations may include any of the following: consulting with legal counsel, internal or external audits, interviews with possible witnesses, or any other lawful method of investigation.

Confirmed violations will be met with appropriate remedial and disciplinary action, including the possibility of termination of employment, removal from office, restitution or criminal prosecution.

If any person to whom these policies apply has questions about them, he or she should address them to the Chairman, CEO, or any member of the Executive Committee.