At Safe Water Network, our commitment goes beyond providing access to clean water; we’re dedicated to building a skilled and capable team to ensure that the water received is safe and pure. We firmly believe in investing in the expertise of our field support team and government officials by honing their skills in testing and reporting water quality.

By the Numbers


We trained over 1000 operators in Ghana in 2022

Our training program is designed to enhance the capabilities of both Safe Water Network’s and partnership field service teams as well as government field operating teams, such as Ghana’s Community Water and Sanitation Agency (CWSA) and our partners.

We provide both virtual and in-person facilitator training opportunities. Virtually, we offer asynchronous training consisting of videos, training of trainer guides, and quizzes to ensure participants are practicing best methods. Our in-person training constitutes of both classroom and field learning opportunities, including hands-on practice at selected CWSA or Safe Water Network water stations.

Training modules include:

    • Planning, Scope Development & Funding
    • Gap Analysis
    • Design
    • Facilitator Training
    • Evaluation & Resolution