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Expanding Sustainable Access to Safe Water

2021 Impact Report

Our Approach to Impact

We are solving the global water crisis through innovation and collective action.

With your support, we will reach 50 million by 2026.

2021 by the Numbers

Reimagining Water Access. Transforming Communities.


Expanding Access

We work in communities without prior access to safe water with populations often too large for handpumps and too small for urban utilities


people gained safe water access through our field implementation


1.7 million total to date reached in 487 communities through locally-managed stations developed and supported by Safe Water Network

20 million

people gained safe water access through our partnership network


Millions reached by NGOs, governments, and other partners supported by our Technical Assistance team


new piped connections


Piped connections bring safely managed water directly to homes, schools, clinics, and businesses 2,685 total to date in Ghana


Service Reliability

Our expert field team and station technology keep the safe water flowing, mitigating the common challenges of inefficient power supply, environmental hazards, and staffing shortages


station uptime

Station operators and our field staff keep safe water flowing reliably, even during COVID


solar panels

Solar panels installed at community water stations provides reliable and resilient power supply


automatic dispensers

“Water ATMs” provide 24/7 reliable safe water access for 83% of our stations


Financial Sustainability

We build financial planning capacity in communities to cover long-term water station maintenance costs. In other models, maintenance costs are the leading contributor to station failure

738 million

liters of water sold

Water revenue collected with 96% efficiency, covering operating expenses and field service maintenance costs


stations cover operating expenses

Local operating expenses at our stations are completely covered by consumer revenue within the first year


stations contribute toward maintenance costs

Nearly all our stations contribute toward field service maintenance within the second year


Water Quality

We tailor water treatment plans to address contaminants in local environments. Millions contract avoidable water-borne diseases annually due to unsafe water

Up to 30

water quality parameters checked

Water from our stations is tested for harmful microbial and physio-chemical contaminants


stations tested for water quality

Water from our stations is regularly sent to local laboratories for thorough analysis


field officers trained on water quality

Our field team is extensively trained in water quality control measures

From a Funding Partner

USAID is proud to partner with Safe Water Network and the SWE Alliance to transform the lives of women in India through investments in the Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene sector. They have demonstrated a successful model whereby local enterprises reach underserved communities with safe water access, but also provide entrepreneurship opportunities for women.


Karen Klimowski, Deputy Mission Director, USAID India

From a Field Partner

World Vision Ghana recognizes the expertise & leadership of Safe Water Network particularly in enterprise-based solutions to water supply problems and is keen to explore additional opportunities to work together.


Dickens Thunde, Country Director, World Vision Ghana

From a Field Partner

Safe Water Network is taking part in pioneering research on pro-poor subsidies, an approach for which there are no guidelines for the rural context. By innovating and testing new modes of service delivery, Safe Water Network will help develop a blueprint for pro-poor subsidies that other service providers can use in the future.


Caroline Delaire, PhD, Director of Research and Programs, The Aquaya Institute

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