Water is a human right.

And yet, 2 billion people do not have access to safely managed water. 1 out of 5 water supply systems in emerging markets fail.

Achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of universal access to clean water and sanitation requires innovations in policy, financing, and service delivery.

Our Integrated Approach

Our response to the global water crisis combines three strategic program areas to bridge the water access gap. By collaborating with our network of public and private partners, we implement, scale, and advocate for decentralized, community-based solutions.


Our Impact

To maximize our impact, we are continually optimizing our performance and working to catalyze growth of the community-based water sector, while prioritizing: Service Reliability. Access Equity. Financial Sustainability. Water Quality. We are committed to making safe water accessible to 50 million people by 2026.

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Our Work in Action

In Ghana and India, our country programs reflect the contextual environment on the ground, and are a foundation for multiplying our impact across key regions.