Sector Engagement

Our Work

Sector Engagement

We facilitate global collaboration and advocacy to improve sector standardization and promote scaling of sustainable solutions.


Building Evidence to Make the Case

Our operating portfolio provides robust evidence on pricing, subsidies, water quality, innovative technologies, and strategies for improving sustainability and impact. We use data to advocate for the mainstreaming of safe water enterprises, and work closely with peer implementers, development agencies, and local and national governments to improve policies and regulations.

Field Implementation

Sharing Our Results

We document and share field and market insights to strengthen the case for increased investment in decentralized, community-based solutions.

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Our Partners

We are honored to work collaboratively with some of the most innovative and committed organizations to solve the global water crisis.

From a Partner
  • We value our long-standing partnership with Safe Water Network to realize water equity, an essential component for building inclusive, healthy communities globally.

    Marybeth Thorsgaard, Vice President, Communications, Pentair

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  • We believe that safe and potable water is the right of every human being, but that it takes effort, innovation and collaboration to make that right a reality. You can see that effort in what Safe Water Network does.

    Chetan Mistry, Strategy and Marketing Manager, Xylem Africa

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Collaborate with Us

Reach out to explore working with Safe Water Network on joint events and research initiatives.