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March 20, 2024 | Accra Marriott Hotel
Beyond the Pipe Forum

Beyond the Pipe Forum Ghana 2024

Wednesday March 20, 2024 @ 9:30 AM

Accra Marriott Hotel



This year’s Beyond the Pipe Forum theme is The Power of Enterprise. Our panels and speakers will address how these four key areas are driving sustainable water access and community development not only across Ghana, but wherever there is need for affordable safe water access.

Enabling Environment: Essential for Small Water Enterprises (SWEs) wherever there is need — the development of supportive policies and regulatory frameworks. We will also cover the importance of collaborations with government, local communities, and international bodies to foster an ecosystem conducive to SWE growth.

Financing and Financial Viability: This section of the program will emphasize diverse funding and financing solutions for SWE sustainability. Innovative models like social impact bonds and microfinancing, considered crucial for the long-term financial health of these water systems, will be discussed.

Technical and Operational Improvement: We will focus on how the impact of incorporating innovations and technologies enhance the resilience and efficiency of water solutions. Improving operational practices and ensuring water safety and quality will also be discussed.

Impact and Data Management: This will center on measuring SWEs’ social and economic impacts and utilizing data management for informed decision-making and growth. This approach helps to demonstrate the tangible benefits of SWEs to communities and investors.

Speakers and panelists will be announced shortly. For all inquiries including sponsorship opportunities contact: Helen Codjoe — [email protected]