About Us

We believe water is a fundamental human right.

Our Mission

We reach millions in underserved communities by developing affordable, equitable solutions and accelerate access by providing technical assistance and catalyzing sector-wide collaboration.


Our Values



We recognize trust is earned through operating with integrity, holding ourselves to the highest standards possible, actively listening and transparently sharing our work and ideas as well as our failures.


Adaptive Learning

Adaptive Learning

We know the world is evolving, as is the water sector and technology and believe we can learn from our peers, sector leaders, and, most importantly, the people we serve. We are committed to continuous improvement, embracing change, and challenging ourselves.


Collective Action

Collective Action

We acknowledge our path is not always linear, but we persevere.  “Network” is in our name, and we know our success is dependent on collaboration within the sector and throughout the larger ecosystem.   




We believe that sustainable solutions for safe, affordable water supply must be locally led.  We strive to create an inclusive environment for our team and in the communities we serve.

Story Founding

Our Story

Actor and philanthropist Paul Newman founded Safe Water Network with other civic leaders to solve a global challenge that would require innovation, collective action, and adaptive learning for all future generations: sustainable access to safe water.

About Team

Passionate and Committed

We are a diverse team of dedicated professionals from different cultures and disciplines, with expertise in engineering, health care, development, business, government, and education.


Accountable and Sustainable

We monitor and evaluate our work so our team, funders, supporters, and partners have a clear and transparent view of how we allocate and track our funding.