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Making Water Work

Impact Report

Over 100 water experts are raising the bar on sustainable water supply through our Innovation Hubs in Ghana & India

Our engineers, business, health and development professionals are providing the technical, operational and management expertise to rapidly expand access to those lacking safe water. By the end of the decade we will be supporting tens of millions across Sub-Saharan Africa and South East Asia.

By the Numbers

Reimagining Water Access. Transforming Communities.

Cheekata  Srujana, 18, drinks a cup of water as she waits for a meal to cook in her kitchen in Peddapur, a remote village in Warangal, Telangana, India, on 22nd March 2015. Cheekata only uses safe water for all her cooking and drinking needs of the family. Photo by Suzanne Lee/Panos Pictures for Safe Water Network 2023/08/Photo-3.jpg

Expanding Access

We work in communities without access to safe water with populations often too large for handpumps and too small for urban utilities


people gained safe water access through community-led water stations

Over 1.8 million people in 500+ communities now have access to affordable safe water through locally-managed stations in Ghana and India developed and supported by Safe Water Network

40+ million

people gained safe water access through our technical assistance programs

With over 100 water experts based in Ghana and India, we provide assistance to governments and other partners in the form of training, troubleshooting, and technical solutions to the challenges of safe water provision.


people gained safe water access through sector engagement

This Ghanaian pilot project demonstrated that moving families up the water services ladder is cost-effective. When safe water is convenient, more people use it, and that means improved health and livelihoods.


Service Reliability

Our digital operating platform provides local operators notifications on their phone when station operating parameters require immediate attention. Solar power meets the needs of many-off grid communities.


station uptime

We keep safe water flowing using state-of-the-art technology including solar energy and remote sensors. Real-time data on hundreds of stations is available to operators, regional, and national managers.

2 hours

response time by our operators

Because the digital platform informs station operators about problems in real time, they can quickly troubleshoot and resolve the issue so that customers can access safe water virtually anytime day or night.

48 hours

complaint resolution time

We serve customers, not beneficiaries, thus we respond promptly to any issues our customers have to make sure they are satisfied.

Christian Agu on his way home with a container of clean water purchased from a Safe Water Network water centre in Dzemeni in the Volta Region of Ghana on 22 October 2012. 2023/08/20121022_DSC_4346.jpg

Water Quality

Water-borne diseases are a leading cause of death in areas lacking safe water. Our system design is customized to address local contaminants.

Up to 25

water quality parameters checked

Water from community-led stations meet or exceed national water standards. The water is tested for harmful microbial and physio-chemical contaminants daily.


stations tested for water quality

Water from these stations is regularly sent to independent local laboratories for thorough analysis quarterly to ensure water meets national water standards.


station entrepreneurs, operators, and self-help groups have been trained on water quality

Our water quality control measures were developed in conjunction with United Laboratories.

Prince Atilevu and Priscilla Atilevu brushing their teeth with water from a Safe Water Network water site in Pokuase, near Ghana's capital Accra, on 20 August 2013. 2023/08/20130820_07.17.09_DSC_7694.jpg

Equitable Access

Our approach was developed on the belief that safe water is a fundamental right, and yet 2 billion globally still do not have affordable, safe water access


of our operators in India are women

Government and philanthropy simply can't sustainably deliver solutions fast enough.


# of community-led stations supported by us

Community led solutions ensure fair and equitable access through the local safe water committee: eg. setting pricing, ensuring quality, overseeing operations.

> 25 paise/liter

an affordable price for safe water in India (7 US cents)

Consumers pay a nominal amount to cover station operating costs and on-going maintenance.


Financial Sustainability

Our stations are cost-effectively designed and field tested to cover operating costs, as well as build a reserve for on-going maintenance. A leading contributor to station failure is the inability to cover those ongoing costs and maintenance.

651 million

liters of safe water sold

Water revenue collected with 96% efficiency, covering operating expenses and field service maintenance costs


community-led stations cover local operating expenses

Local operating expenses supported by Safe Water Network are completely covered by consumer revenue within the first year


community-led stations contribute toward maintenance costs

Nearly all the stations we support contribute toward field service maintenance within the second year

What our Funders are Saying

"Safe Water Network is really a perfect example of how data drives performance."


Dr. Andrew Armstrong, Global Lead, Data Integrity, Uptime Global

What our Advisors are Saying

"They’ve developed a digital platform which allows operators in villages to manage water supply in a sustainable way."

Ato Brown, former World Bank Country Manager

What our SEWAH Partners are Saying

"The SEWAH program on technical training and specs has really helped us develop our team in a very mannered way."


Kapil Sharma, IT Head, JanaJal

Looking Ahead: India

Our School WASH program will bring safe water to over 26,000 students in 174 schools. Program also includes rainwater harvesting structures (conserves an average of 30,000 liters of rainwater annually), a Menstrual Hygiene Management program, and functional toilets for girls. 

Our Integrated Water Resource Management program plays an important role in rejuvenating ponds and lakes, as well as creating new sources of water. A 1,000 Hectare land development will soon contain six water bodies (3 rejuvenated/3 created). This will provide 6,000 farmers critical water for crops. Safe Water Network’s holistic approach incorporates five essential elements of life: land, water, forest, livestock, and livelihoods. Program supported by NABARD.

Safe Water Network India would also like to acknowledge the following partners: 

PepsiCo Foundation, Pentair Foundation, NABARD, Charities Aid Foundation, ADP, and Milacron

Looking Ahead: Ghana

Our Piped Connections program will bring safe, reliable and convenient water services to homes, schools and health care facilities, reaching over 10,000 people. Partners include: Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, Stone Family Foundation, and other partners.

Our Technical Assistance and Advisory program will continue to deliver training to Ghana’s CWSA, local government authorities, and other water service providers. Partners include: Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, Global Water Centre, and Grundfos.

Our Collaborating for Scale program to be delivered through out SWE Alliance will achieve increased policy recognition for SWEs (Safe Water Enterprises) and enhanced reporting, coordination, and collaboration for scale. Partners include Conrad N. Hilton Foundation

Safe Water Network Ghana would like to acknowledge the following partners: 

Global Water Centre, Grundfos. Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, Stone Family Foundation and others.

Stay Tuned for Our Next Water for All Ball!

An evening of celebration for the work achieved, but also a recognition that there’s more work to be done. This event showcases the contributions of our partners and field teams in Ghana and India, as well as noteworthy speakers and world-class entertainment. 

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