Water Essentials

The Untapped Potential of Decentralized Solutions to Provide Safe, Sustainable Drinking Water at Large Scale

Jan. 2017
This report argues that new approaches are needed to achieve the U.N. Sustainable Development Goal 6.1 by 2030. Through the analysis of 14 different small water enterprises, the report uncovers bottlenecks to scale and sustainability.



The Potential of PAYGo for Achieving Water and Sanitation for All (SDG 6)

Mar. 2019

Featuring Safe Water Network is featured as a case study, this report considers pay-as-you-go (PAYGo) models and minigrids in the energy sector to identify opportunities to research and test their application to the water sector. 

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Testing the Waters: Digital Payments for Water and Sanitation

Daniel Waldron, Caroline Frank, Akanksha Sharma, Alexander Sotiriou
Mar. 2019

Written by the World Bank’s Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP) and GSMA studied the experiences of 25 organizations across Africa, Asia, and Latin America (including Safe Water Network) to showcase how digital payments are reducing operational expenses and streamlining service delivery.

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Our Cup of Joy: India’s Best Practices on Water

CII-Triveni Water Institute
Dec. 2018

A flagship publication of the CII-Triveni Water Institute, Our Cup of Joy is a compendium of India’s best practices on water that curates and compiles case studies from multiple sectors—agriculture, industry, buildings, municipality, and rural water supply—to help others adopt these practices.

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Safe Drinking Water: Foundation for Resilient Cities

Ravindra Sewak
CSR Mandate
Dec. 2018

In Volume IV, Issue IV of CSR Mandate, Safe Water Network’s India Country Director Ravindra Sewak contends that resilience enables cities to adapt to emerging urban challenges. When considering urban water supply, a key to resilience centers on market-based, community-level solutions.

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Small Water Enterprises to Mitigate the Drinking Water Challenge

Safe Water Network
Oct. 2018

This document, Safe Water Network's 2018 installment of the India Sector Review series, ties together the body of work being undertaken to understand drinking water supply in rural and urban India, and to identify the gap that can be filled by small water enterprises amid growing water stress and contamination.

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Access to Clean Drinking Water and Sustainable Water Management in Ghana

The Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Ghana
Oct. 2018

In this study, the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Ghana (AHK) aims to create a snapshot of the water sector in Ghana. Within, AHK describes Safe Water Network's efforts to convene water professionals and establish innovative funding mechanisms for the water enterprise sector.

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Small Water Enterprises: Providing Safe Drinking Water for Resilient Cities

Safe Water Network
Safe Water Network
Aug. 2018

This report considers how USWEs can provide a viable and sustainable complementary solution to the Government of India’s piped-water efforts to meet the needs of the urban poor and support the transformation of safe-water-stressed cities into resilient cities.

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Digitizing Payments for Household Water Connections in Ghana

Safe Water Network
Safe Water Network
Aug. 2018

This installment of Safe Water Network's Field Insight series is focused on quantifying the impact of digital finance for household connections in Ghana.

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Carrying water may be a major contributor to disability from musculoskeletal disorders in low income countries: a cross-sectional survey in South Africa, Ghana and Vietnam

Geere et al.
Journal of Global Heath
Jun. 2018

This study finds that people who reported a history of current or past water carrying more frequently reported pain in locations most likely to be associated with sustained spinal axial compression in the cervical region.

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Accelerating India’s Circular Economy Shift

May. 2018

Featuring a profile of Safe Water Network, this study by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) seeks to demystify Circular Economy principles and outlines different business models that organizations and FICCI members can adopt to improve their resource efficiency.

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