Blended Finance Volume 1: A Primer for Development Finance and Philanthropic Funders

World Economic Forum, OECD
Jul. 2015

Public resources are insufficient for the ambitious new development agenda. Blended Finance represents an opportunity to drive significant new capital flows into high-impact sectors, while effectively leveraging private sector expertise in identifying and executing development investment strategies.

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A Global Fund for Water: How Innovative Investment Can Help End Water Poverty

Beeching, Sarah
Global Ethics; Oshun Partnership
Jun. 2015

The concept of a Global Fund For Water is to create a catalytic financing facility to improve water resource management and accelerate access to clean water and sanitation, supported by the global bottled water industry by leveraging 1 cent per litre from every bottle of water sold globally.

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Analysis of Quality of Drinking Water of Private Bore-Well and Piped Water Supply in Jaipur City, Rajasthan, India.

Soni, N., Bhatia, A.
University of Rajasthan
May. 2015

Households in Jaipur are supplied groundwater either through pipelines or bore-wells. This study tested the water from these supplies and found that both contained E. coli, and water from pipelines contained high levels of fluoride and nitrates. Thus, groundwater needs to be treated before use.

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Beyond One-Size-Fits-All: Lessons Learned from Eight Water Utility Public-Private Partnerships in the Philippines

Water and Sanitation Program
May. 2015

There is no magic bullet approach to water utility PPPs in the Philippines. Different arrangements can lead to affordable, reliable, and clean water services, provided there is sufficient
market size and willingness to pay. The art of the deal matters more for success than the checklist of steps.

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