August 27, 2021
World Water Week

2021 World Water Week Conference

Safe Water Network presented key findings on the resiliency of small water enterprises at Stockholm International Water Institute’s World Water Week 2021. 

Safe Water Network and USAID presented strategies for City Water Balance Planning from a partnership with the Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board.  

Safe Water Network and Envicom Corporation demonstrated the prospects of using a Geographic Information System (GIS) as a cost-effective risk assessment tool for resiliency planning of water infrastructure.  

Safe Water Network presented on the flexibility and resilience of decentralized small water enterprises to crises. 

Safe Water Network and members of Community of Practice for small water enterprises (SWEs) presented a new joint report, “Keep the Water Flowing,” on the resiliency of the decentralized small water enterprise model in the face of COVID-19 and how implementers, communities, and donors collectively responded to keep water flowing.  

Sector leaders discussed the challenges and opportunities they have encountered while working to bridge the gender gap in the water and sanitation workforce (public and private sector) through policy, regulation, and grassroots action. 

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