The COVID-19 Crisis in India

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Dear friends and supporters,

As India faces the 2nd wave of COVID-19 and grapples with a record number of infections, we would like to express solidarity with our colleagues, their families and friends, and communities across the country.  We are committed to joining the global effort to ensure needed resources are provided to save lives and protect livelihoods. 

Our team is working around the clock with our partners, allies in the government and the corporate community to ensure that access to water remains reliable. We are thankful to our 45 technicians who obtained curfew passes to provide 24x7 uninterrupted water supply. Now, our team has extended our services to COVID-19 prevention, care and rehabilitation.

Your support and patronage during these difficult times are much appreciated.  We could not have sustained these essential efforts without your constant support.

Kurt Soderlund, CEO