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Partnership With Kosmos Energy Launches A Modular Ultrafiltration Water Treatment Plant In Ghana

In a joint initiative to provide safe drinking water to multiple communities in the Western Region, Safe Water Network and Kosmos Energy, Ghana, with support from the Community Water and Sanitation Agency, have launched a Modular Ultrafiltration water treatment plant for the Small Town Water Supply Project, at Beyin.  

The water plant will provide over a 100,000 liters per day of safe drinking water to the communities of Beyin, Ngelekazo, Ekebaku, Nzulezo and Atuabo (Elembele), in the Jomoro District of the Western Region. The plant will also accommodate future expansion needs to service nearby communities. When fully operational, this initiative will deliver safe water to over 20,000 people in several communities.  

This work builds upon the existing operations Safe Water Network began in Ghana in 2009, which now provides safe water access to over 45,000 people throughout the country. The Beyin project is part of Safe Water Network’s long-term objective to develop locally self-sufficient water systems. Our priorities are to broadly replicate successful approaches in Ghana, and in time, elsewhere in sub-Saharan Africa, to meet the needs of the 250 million people in the region without safe water access.  

The Beyin ground breaking and construction began in November 2012 with intent to service communities in the River Amanzuri basin—Beyin and Atuabo, which face significant water challenges. This is the first time Modular Ultrafiltration technology has been used in Ghana. It is specifically designed to address the significant water discoloration and high microbial content in the local water sources.  

Operationally, ultrafiltration requires in-depth training. Safe Water Network provided a comprehensive induction program to the local team and will continue to offer ongoing support until the community has developed the capability to oversee day-to-day operations on its own.  

In addition, twenty pipeline extensions were laid to service the smaller villages of Ngelekazo and Ekebaku. A second phase of the initiative, to begin in the latter part of 2013, will provide safe water to other communities around the River Alehyiale basin.  

According to Ken Keag, VP and Country Manager of Kosmos Energy, Ghana, “Our desire goes beyond providing water! Community collaboration and buy-in for the project are key, so that at the end of the day the community can claim ownership, with a sense of pride. It’s a great privilege for Kosmos Energy and Safe Water Network to work alongside these communities, to support them in developing the skills necessary to own and operate these systems for the long term.”