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Resource Center Launched To Facilitate Sector Knowledge Sharing

We are excited to launch the digital Resource Center, a library aggregating publications on service delivery in developing countries — with a focus on water. We have compiled the documents that we  found useful in defining and implementing  models for community water enterprises. The Resource Center also includes our published works, including sector reviews and insights from our operations in Ghana and India. We hope it will promote increased understanding of community water solutions, and accelerate the shift already underway towards their widespread adoption.  

Over the past eight years Safe Water Network has worked to demonstrate the economic sustainability of market-based community water systems, and develop tools to help others replicate the model. This is an inclusive effort, built on partnerships and knowledge sharing to deliver safe, affordable and reliable water to those in need. 

This Resource Center represents another step in our commitment to share knowledge and insights from our field operations, from detailed metrics such as volume sold to broader lessons around public-private partnerships on our website and at sector events like SIWI World Water Week. At this year’s event in Stockholm, our session A Portfolio Investment Approach to Community Water Systems used data from our Stations to demonstrate operational and economic efficiencies of managing stations in a cluster. 

The progress we’ve achieved has been made possible through the generosity of our donors, the dedication of our partners, and the guidance and input of other sector players. We thank the authors for sharing knowledge; it is only through such exchanges we are able to learn from past experience and improve our work so that together we can attain the Sustainable Development Goals. 

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