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Revitalizing Communities: Safe Water Network India and CBRE to Deliver WASH Services to Schools and to Rejuvenate Ponds

Safe Water Network India is pleased to announce funding support from CBRE for the “Ek Pehal” programme, which aims to enhance Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) services in Gurugram Haryana. This collaboration is an important step towards realizing the goal of providing safe, affordable water access, in alignment with Sustainable Development Goal 6, for communities in need.

The support from CBRE is set to catalyze a series of transformative initiatives spearheaded by Safe Water Network India. With a focus on school WASH programs and environmental sustainability, the “Ek Pahal” project will implement essential infrastructure improvements. This includes installing safe drinking water systems, upgrading sanitation facilities, and integrating menstrual hygiene management in 10 schools. These efforts are projected to directly benefit 5,000 students, enhancing their health, wellness, and educational experiences.

In addition to school-focused interventions, the project encompasses the rejuvenation of a 2-acre pond, aiming to increase groundwater recharge, enhance green spaces through tree plantations, and improve local biodiversity. The pond rejuvenation component addresses critical environmental sustainability issues, providing the community with not only a water source but also a recreational space.

Safe Water Network’s approach emphasizes community involvement to ensure the longevity of the impact. We intend to empower local communities with the knowledge and tools to maintain their water resources, building a renewed sense of stewardship that will endure beyond the project timeline.

Knowledge sharing is an essential role of the strategy. Insights gained from on-the-ground implementation will be compiled and disseminated through workshops, conferences, and digital platforms, fostering sector-wide learning and adoption of best practices.

This partnership with CBRE will showcase how collaboration with partners who are dedicated to creating meaningful and sustainable water solutions truly do make a difference. Such efforts continue to set the stage for scalable WASH initiatives that can serve as benchmarks for the sector.