Safe Water Network partnered with the Centre for Micro Finance on our innovative Rainwater Harvesting Program in Rajasthan. To make the cost of a household cistern affordable, the Centre provided micro loans to families to cover the cost of a cistern and its installation.

This micro-credit product was created for Self Help Group (SHG) members, ‘Jalnidhi’ for safe drinking water, for the construction of rooftop rainwater harvesting kunds, whereby the SHG acted as a guarantor of its members. Under the scheme, a woman paid monthly installments drawing from a combination of savings from transportation costs not needed to fetch water elsewhere and generating additional sources of income from productively using the free time save from not having to collect water.

The Centre for Micro Finance is a leading Indian institution committed to improving the accessibility and quality of financial services for the poor through rigorous research, knowledge dissemination and evidence-based policy outreach. Close to 40% of the India’s adult population still does not have a bank account and lacks access to the basic suite of financial services that the developed world takes for granted. The Centre is also focused on closing the knowledge gap on what forms of financial access can best be used to fight poverty.

The CmF was established in Jaipur (Rajasthan) in 2005 to introduce the microfinance movement in Rajasthan. The Centre is an autonomous institution set up to provide a wide range of technical and other support services to microfinance players, focusing specifically on networking and collaboration.