Dialogue Factory helped develop our groundbreaking consumer activation campaign, working in collaboration with other Safe Water Network partners, including Merck & Co and the PepsiCo Foundation.

Dialogue Factory is an experiential marketing arm of Group M, a WPP company. They helped us develop demand-generation packages on two key themes – Health and Prosperity. Dialogue Factory’s extensive marketing experience in rural areas of India proved invaluable to this campaign to address the cultural and behavioral issues surrounding the usage of safe water. They also helped us refresh our brand, iJal, which means ‘My Water’ in Hindi.

Dialogue Factory’s messaging, based on extensive research by IMRB (another WPP company), utilized tablet computers and had an immediate impact on consumer trial and adoption of safe water. The campaign was designed to be broadly replicated and adapted to specific regions throughout India. The program will also be introduced into our field initiatives in Ghana in late 2014.

In recognition of the campaign's effectiveness and innovative use of technology, the team won three Rural Marketing Flame Awards from the Rural Marketing Association of India in January of 2014, including Gold for showcasing innovative technology, and two Bronze awards for long-term campaign of the year, and on-ground sales promotion of the year.

"We are proud to partner with Safe Water Network in their mission. We believe that Tablets represent one of the most innovative and powerful tools to educate, entice and engage rural audiences."
Dalveer Singh, CEO, Dialogue Factory

Ongoing Innovation

Generating awareness about the benefits of safe water and improved hygiene practice is no easy task. With the help of our partners, we have developed a field-tested series of standardized messaging that communicates clearly why...


India's newest state, where over three million people lack access to safe water.