IMRB International is our India research partner. They are involved in the evaluation of the impact of our field initiatives, including the research component of cluster planning, site identification, seasonality, and health issues. They also provide the research support for the ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the long-term impact of safe water usage.

IMRB International is one of the top 20 Market Research companies in the world. Based in New Delhi and a division of the WPP Group, a world-class collection of companies providing marketing, communication services and activities worldwide. IMRB International is part of WPP’s Kantar research, insight & consultancy network. Founded in 1970, IMRB refers to itself as the University of the Indian market research.

IMRB also provided the research component of our consumer activation campaigns in India. IMRB’s work was in partnership with its sister company, Dialogue Factory, as well as Safe Water Network partners, The Merck Foundation and the PepsiCo Foundation. This groundbreaking collaboration has resulted in significant increases in safe water usage and has also won several rural marketing awards.


Ongoing Innovation

Generating awareness about the benefits of safe water and improved hygiene practice is no easy task. With the help of our partners, we have developed a field-tested series of standardized messaging that communicates clearly why...


India's newest state, where over three million people lack access to safe water.