Water Essentials

The Untapped Potential of Decentralized Solutions to Provide Safe, Sustainable Drinking Water at Large Scale

Jan. 2017
This report argues that new approaches are needed to achieve the U.N. Sustainable Development Goal 6.1 by 2030. Through the analysis of 14 different small water enterprises, the report uncovers bottlenecks to scale and sustainability.



Keep the Water Flowing: Resiliency of the SWE Model

SWE Community of Practice
Sep. 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic tested governments, institutions, and markets around the world. Safe water enterprises (SWEs) were faced with an immediate threat to their ability to deliver water when it was most needed. In this report, we detail the findings from qualitative and quantitative research with six Community of Practice members to evaluate the financial and operational impact of COVID-19 on SWEs.

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Assessment of a Cost-Effective Method to Test for Fecal & Environmental Contamination of Water Supplies

Safe Water Network
Aug. 2021

In Ghana and elsewhere, cost-effective, ground-tested methods for microbial testing on-site can be a critical tool to help assure the provision of safe drinking water. Safe Water Network's team assessed the Aquagenx rapid microbial kits for total coliform and E. coli at three of their safe water stations. The results confirmed the kits accuracy and robustness under "real-world" conditions.

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Improving the Performance of Decentralized Water Purification Systems

Safe Water Network
May. 2020

This Spotlight report serves as an overview of Safe Water Network’s technical assistance and training engagement with the Government of Karnataka, India—a project that covers 18,000 plants, aimed at serving 40 million people with safe, affordable water.

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The Role of Women-Led Small Water Enterprises in Public Health

India Water Partnership
May. 2020

India Water Partnership documents its collaboration with Safe Water Network India to assess the operation and sustainability of small water enterprises managed by either women-led self-help groups or women entrepreneurs in the Medak district of Telangana, India.

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The Relocation of iJal Stations for Asset Protection

Safe Water Network
Safe Water Network
May. 2020

This case study, developed by Safe Water Network India, examines the relocation of water enterprises to ensure long-term viability.

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Promoting Women Entrepreneurship in WASH Through Small Water Enterprises: Project Completion Report, 2019

Safe Water Network
Safe Water Network
Mar. 2020

Developed with support from the India Water Partnership, this report assesses the capability of 28 women from self-help groups and female social entrepreneurs to operate and maintain small water enterprises.

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An Impact Assessment of Safe Water Interventions in 154 Communities in Telangana State

Safe Water Network
Safe Water Network
Mar. 2020

This Safe Water Network assessment, commissioned by the Honeywell Hometown Solutions India Foundation, examines 154 iJal Safe Water Stations in Telangana, India in order to understand barriers to the scale of water enterprises in India and provide essential data on consumer perception of such enterprises.

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Closing the Water Access Gap in the United States

George McGraw, Radhika Fox
Dig Deep, US Water Alliance
Nov. 2019

This report presents an analysis of the water and sanitation access challenge in the United States.

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Special Edition: Water Leaders

Smart Water & Waste World
Smart Water & Waste World
Oct. 2019

In the first anniversary edition of Smart Water & Waste World, Safe Water Network's VP of Knowledge and Partnerships Poonam Sewak describes India’s water crisis and argues that the country needs to overhaul its water management systems to allow for public-private partnerships.

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Small Water Enterprises: Transforming Women from Water Carriers to Water Entrepreneurs

Poonam Sewak, Pooja Singh, Amanda Gimble
Safe Water Network
Aug. 2019

This Spotlight report advances the case for small water enterprises and identifies the ways in which they can benefit the lives of women and their families.

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