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Field and market insights: the case for decentralized, community-based water systems.

Sector Engagement | India | Assessment

City Water Compendium: Making Cities Water Positive

This City Water Compendium is a compilation of water availability, supply, and wastewater scenario of selected Indian cities and reports City Water Assessment of select 24 cities. The report provides insights into the water security status of the city, highlighting the gaps and challenges so that proactive targeted corrective action can be taken locally.

Sector Engagement | India, Ghana, Global | Assessment

Keep the Water Flowing | Resiliency of the Safe Water Enterprise Model

Understanding the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Safe Water Enterprises through a Common Financial and Monitoring and Evaluation Framework.

Field Implementation, Technical Assistance | India | Case Study, Assessment

Gender Toolkit

Empowering Women in Safe Water Enterprises

Field Implementation | India | Policy Recommendation, Assessment

Private Sector Engagement in Water Supply

Private Sector Participation for investment & service quality improvement.

Field Implementation, Sector Engagement | India | Policy Recommendation

Operational Guidelines for the Implementation of Amrut 2.0

The Safe Water Network India SEWAH (Sustainable Enterprises for Water And Health) contributed towards the development of operational guidelines for the implementation of AMRUT 2 0 These guidelines, launched in October 2021 have been formulated with the aim of assisting States/ UTs for making cities Aatma Nirbhar and 'water secure'AMRUT 2.0 is a step towards AatmaNirbhar Bharat with aim of making the cities 'water secure' and providing functional water tap connections to all households.

Field Implementation | India | Case Study

The Relocation of iJal Stations for Asset Protection

This case study, developed by Safe Water Network India, examines the relocation of water enterprises to ensure long-term viability.

Technical Assistance | India | Spotlight Report

Improving the Performance of Decentralized Water Purification Systems

Safe Water Network’s technical assistance and training program helped to ensure the reliability and sustainability of Karnataka, India’s water purification plants, with an objective to serve more than 40 million people.

Field Implementation | India | Assessment

An Impact Assessment of Safe Water Interventions in 154 Communities in Telangana State

Safe Water Network (SWN) performed an impact assessment in June 2019 to determine the results of the implementation of Water ATMs at iJal Stations that were established with a Honeywell Hometown Solutions (HHS) grant.