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100th Telangana Safe Water Station Launched

Today Safe Water Network launched its 100th Telangana Station in Akkampeta, which brings the total number of iJal Stations in India to 115. The Akkampeta iJal Station already has 200 consumer households, who either purchased iJal water cans or registered for monthly card membership with the Station. 

Located in Athmakur Mandal, 22kms east from Warangal District, Akkampeta village comprises 885 households and has a population of 4,016 people. 

The iJal Station is managed and operated by its entrepreneur, Jangam Rajesh, who approached the Safe Water Network project team to set up a station in his village, after he realized the successful model operations of the iJal Station located in the adjacent village of Peddapur. Jangam has an entrepreneurial spirit and is also managing his business of tents and DISH television in Akkampeta. 

It took about four months for necessary approvals from local governance; land & building selection; civil construction; and consumer activation programs that were conducted in the village to spread safe water awareness and importance among the village community. An electrolyzer water quality demo test (locally called ‘Neeru Agnipariksham’) is one of the regular activities conducted in iJal Station project villages.