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Announcing a Digital Platform for Community Safe Water Delivery

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Safe Water Network and PrismX Inc, a Boston-based Digital Transformation Technology company, announce the release of a Digital Operating Platform for improving management of community-level safe water delivery.

The safe water access gap is an urgent global crisis and likely to deepen from the effects of climate change and booming population growth in emerging markets worldwide. The ongoing COVID crisis has demonstrated once again the importance of convenient and reliable access to safe water for public health. Organizations working to solve this enormous challenge need flexible, smart solutions to rapidly accelerate their impact at scale.

Safe Water Network and PrismX, with support from the Cisco Foundation, collaboratively developed and deployed a Digital Operating Platform for management of community water systems. The Digital Operating Platform provides real time end-to-end visibility into operations, finance, sales, and community engagement activities, enabling effective data-driven decision-making. A human-centered design that provides seamless integration of data across previously siloed technology services enables providers like Safe Water Network to be more responsive to needs and preferences for off-grid communities.

Kurt Soderlund, CEO of Safe Water Network, said, “This system-wide digital backbone has been built by and for operators. It strengthens our ability to scale by bringing visibility to key performance measures, including water quality, operational reliability, and financial sustainability. We will continue to establish best practices to improve our operations and, working alongside stakeholders, help to solve the global water crisis.”


The Platform has been implemented across Safe Water Network’s portfolio of 100 water stations in Ghana reaching nearly half a million people. Safe Water Network’s 125-member field operations team can make quicker and smarter decisions at the regional and the local community level. Soon after the rollout, the data error rate was reduced by 90% and the field operations team was able to spend significantly less time on manual data review. This smart management of water systems allowed the team to engage more deeply with local communities. Through this Digital Operating Platform, Safe Water Network and PrismX are using technology to demonstrate a model in Ghana that could be replicated at scale to help address the challenges of the global water access crisis.


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