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Celebrating International Women’s Day and World Water Day

Safe Water Network India hosted two important virtual sector events in March. On the eighth we held a roundtable for International Women’s Day entitled Water Knowledge Resource Centres as Lighthouse for Women’s Empowerment. And on World Water Day, we hosted an event featuring some of our SWE Alliance partners on enriching the invisible ground water.

Safe Water Network has been a leader in creating opportunities for women in the water sector since its inception. In February, The Daily Guardian published an op-ed by our VP of Programs and Partnerships, Poonam Sewak on the importance of including women in water sector development. Poonam also moderated the International Women’s Day virtual event that featured D. Thara, Secretary for Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs, and Ms. Karen Klimowski, Deputy Mission Director of USAID India.

Our partners from the SWE Alliance were also represented at this virtual event by Minhaj Chowdhury, CEO of Drinkwell Systems, Dr. Parah Agarwal, CEO of JanaJal, Naveen Mathur, COO of Maithri Aquatech, Abhijeet Gaan, Director & CEO of Rite Water Solutions, Madhu Krishnamoorthy, Director of WaterHealth India, and Arti Verma, CSR Program Lead for Waterlife India.

A special video showcasing the important role women have in providing affordable, safe water access in their communities across India was premiered at this event.

On World Water Day we also hosted a virtual event that showcased our SWE Alliance partners including senior representatives from Drinkwell, JanaJal, Rite Water Solutions, Water Life, and Water Health India. You can see a replay of this event here.

These sector engagement events play an important role in expanding our impact by fostering best practice and leveraging the combined expertise and resources of these organizations to advance sustainable safe water solutions.