Improving Water Supply with Modern Architects of Rural India

Modern Architects of Rural India (MARI) has been on the ground in rural India helping villages in extreme poverty since its inception in 1990. MARI currently works directly with over 230 villages in 28 mandals of the Warangal District of Andhra Pradesh (now called Telengana), focused on building an egalitarian society with justice, peace and safety. MARI works closely with local leaders in communities that face significant health, economic and educational challenges.

Because MARI was actively involved with rural communities at a variety of levels, Safe Water Network provided technical assistance in the form of training to MARI’s field workers so that they could be more effective at mobilizing communities.

The technical assistance involved workshops and one-on-one training utilizing our comprehensive Tools for Safe Water Stations. Safe Water Network evaluated MARI’s field implementation post training to provide further employee development.

Today MARI has become Safe Water Network’s key field implementation partner in the Warangal District of India.