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Minister Inaugurates Honeywell-funded iJal Station

On July 10, Honorable Shri Jogu Ramanna, Minister of Forest, Environment, and Backward Community Welfare, Government of Telangana, inaugurated a Honeywell-funded iJal safe water station in Balajinagar village, Adilabad district, Telangana. This is the first time that a Member of Legislative Assembly has inaugurated an iJal safe water station. 

The Honorable minister commended Safe Water Network’s rigor on affordable sustainable safe water principles with a focus on environmental sustainability through ‘zero waste policy,’ especially in areas with ground water scarcity. He said more such initiatives should be launched in Telangana with donors like Honeywell, to improve the health of the rural poor. Zero waste policy interventions include reject water usage for non-drinking purposes, such as for cattle feed, washing, and sanitation in nearby schools. 

The station is owned by a lady entrepreneur, Smt. Snehajyothi. 

Balajinagar village has a population of 2,116 people across 498 households. The area suffers ground water paucity, and high levels of fluoride and total dissolved solids (TDS), causing severe water-borne health problems, particularly dental and skeletal fluorosis.