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Pentair Renews Support For Safe Water Network’s India Operations

In November 2016, the Pentair Foundation awarded Safe Water Network a 12-month, $300,000 grant to expand its operational footprint in India and support technical optimizations to its enterprise model.  The funding will implement iJal water enterprises in 23 communities, providing safe water to nearly 75,000 people. An integral part of this renewed partnership includes an in-kind grant consisting of a commitment for: treatment components for 20 reverse osmosis systems and three ultrafiltration systems; and an assessment of iJal enterprise design by Pentair engineers that will help to implement improvements to remote monitoring and expand digital tools for training field staff. 

As a leading global water and equipment-protection company, Pentair has provided Safe Water Network with technological solutions, including six-stage reverse osmosis water treatment plants that address fluoride and other microbiological contaminants. Safe Water Network uses Pentair reverse osmosis equipment in 52 of its iJal enterprises, and all 170 enterprises in India contain Pentair components. 

Safe Water Network is continuously looking for ways to reduce its capital and operating costs—especially as the organization seeks to expand into dense urban environments. To assist in this effort, Pentair will enlist its engineers to: assess current iJal enterprise design (for process flexibility); appraise remote monitoring and control logic; support a predictive maintenance program; develop necessary system drawings and datasheets; and train Safe Water Network staff. 

Since 2010, Pentair has been a vital partner in Safe Water Network’s efforts in India to bring affordable, safe water reliably and sustainably to the poor. This renewal builds off of a grant awarded in 2015, which resulted in: the launch of three iJal enterprises (increasing access to more than 9,000 people); the formation of a Field Service Entity (which provides enterprises with maintenance and repair services, and spare parts management); and the prototype development of Safe Water Network’s digital Technology Selection and Plant Audit tools.