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Safe Water Network, Honeywell Launch 25th Safe Water Station In Telangana

Safe Water Network and Honeywell India announced the launch of the 25th Honeywell-funded iJal safe water station in the village of Gopalraopeta to mark World Water Day. Built over the last year, these 25 safe water stations are located in Telangana and serve approximately 94,000 people in safe drinking water deficient areas. 

The Honeywell-Safe Water Network initiative addresses a critical need in the region that suffers groundwater contamination from high levels of fluoride. Honeywell is deeply invested in Telangana, where it has a state-of-the-art, global technology development center spread over a 10-acre campus in Hyderabad. Honeywell employs ~900 local engineering talent, among them volunteers who participate in the Honeywell-Safe Water Network program to raise awareness about safe drinking water in the region. 

The Safe Water Network model has been successful as water systems are owned, operated, and maintained by local communities, and report less than 2 percent downtime. Within 24 months of operations, 90 percent of stations are independent of ongoing subsidies for operations, technical support and maintenance. Safe Water Network works with donors like Honeywell to demonstrate that large-scale impact can be achieved on a cost-effective and sustainable basis.  

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