Uptime Global Helps Keep Safe Water Flowing

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Uptime Global, which is focused on supporting community-led water systems that are demonstrating an ability to reliably deliver affordable safe water. Payment is generated based on a combination of performance factors (uptime, revenue, and volumes). This incentivizes good performance, and it also provides flexible funding, which can be used for important activities that are often difficult to get funded like field service support.

Keeping stations maintained and serviced is critical to longevity, but is often over looked because building a new station garners greater attention. 

This partnership with Uptime is the first multi-country, results-based financing mechanism for safe water enterprises. It will help us close the station sustainability gap. It also highlights the importance of good data management systems, and their role in attracting new funding. This is an important partnership because it rewards implementers that can deliver results that drive long-term performance.

We’ve been helping communities own and operate water systems in Ghana and India for over fifteen years. We are one of seven new partners announced by Uptime in 2023. Our work is featured prominently in this new video just released by them. You can read more about the partnership here at their website.