August 17, 2021
Clean Water Talks

Water from Air: Meghdoot

Naveen Mathur from Maithri Aquatech presents an innovative Water ATM that converts ‘Water from Air’ for providing affordable safe drinking water to underserved communities. MEGHDOOT (Sanskrit for ‘Messenger of the Skies’) draws moisture from the air and collects the water in a tank which is then filtered and ready for drinking. Maithri Aquatech’s new technology allows for flexibility and has been implemented in communities and organizations in India. 

The Safe Water Enterprise (SWE) Alliance, under the aegis of Project SEWAH (Sustainable Enterprises for Water and Health), a collaboration between Safe Water Network India and USAID, launched a 15-part webinar series in 2021 entitled Clean Water Talks (or Paani per Charcha). These webinars presented leading SWE implementers’ efforts to solve challenges to sustainably providing safe and affordable water. This initiative invited all stakeholders to come together and reflect upon the pertinent issues and collectively solve for providing affordable, safe water to millions of people in underserved communities.