September 14, 2021
Clean Water Talks

Water Quality Assurance from Water ATMs

Dr. TNVV Rao presents the importance of water quality assurance from Water ATMs. Sector leaders in safe water enterprises discuss innovative solutions to deliver safe water to communities while helping small entrepreneurs earn livelihoods. Experts explain the importance of encouraging partnership with public and private sector leadership, which would contribute to the sustainable goal of providing safe and affordable water to the urban poor in India. 


The Safe Water Enterprise (SWE) Alliance, under the aegis of Project SEWAH (Sustainable Enterprises for Water and Health), a collaboration between Safe Water Network India and USAID, launched a 15-part webinar series in 2021 entitled Clean Water Talks (or Paani per Charcha). These webinars presented leading SWE implementers’ efforts to solve challenges to sustainably providing safe and affordable water. This initiative invited all stakeholders to come together and reflect upon the pertinent issues and collectively solve for providing affordable, safe water to millions of people in underserved communities.