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Field and market insights: the case for decentralized, community-based water systems.

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India Sector Review 2023

This sector review report, the fourth issued by Safe Water Network, brings up to date the need for Safe Water Enterprises, popularly called Water ATMs across India.

Sector Engagement | India | Event

2023 Beyond the Pipe Forum Summary: Strategies to Make Water ATMs Sustainable

This is the summary proceedings from Safe Water Network India's 2023 Beyond the Pipe Forum.

Field Implementation, Sector Engagement, Technical Assistance | Ghana | Case Study

Safe Water Resilience Toolkit

Safe Water Network and Envicom Corporation have partnered to develop a ‘Safe Water Resilience Toolkit’ that integrates various sources of data and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping capabilities for visualization and data analysis. This technology has the potential to improve infrastructure planning and management in a manner that facilitates climate adaptation for water utilities and increases access to safe water for last-mile customers and vulnerable groups.

Sector Engagement | India | Assessment

City Water Compendium: Making Cities Water Positive

This City Water Compendium is a compilation of water availability, supply, and wastewater scenario of selected Indian cities and reports City Water Assessment of select 24 cities. The report provides insights into the water security status of the city, highlighting the gaps and challenges so that proactive targeted corrective action can be taken locally.

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2021 Ghana Beyond the Pipe Forum

In the 2021 Ghana Beyond the Pipe Forum, sector leaders along with community members and stakeholders address the ways the Ghana water sector can address the financial gaps that hinder people from accessing safe and affordable water. 

Field Implementation, Sector Engagement | Ghana | Spotlight Report

Accelerating Progress Toward Financial Sustainability

Our piped-water connections promise to safely administer water to households to over 1,000 peri-urban communities throughout Ghana.

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Water Quality Assurance from Water ATMs

Dr. TNVV Rao from our India team presents the importance of water quality assurance from water ATMs.

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2021 World Water Week Conference

Safe Water Network presented key findings on the resiliency of small water enterprises at Stockholm International Water Institute’s World Water Week 2021.