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Field and market insights: the case for decentralized, community-based water systems.

Field Implementation | Ghana | Field Insight

Cluster Management in Ghana

Safe Water Network analyzes two case studies in Atebubu and Oyibi, Ghana to comprehend the pros and cons of operating water systems in geographic clusters under centralized management.

Sector Engagement | | Event

2014 Ghana Beyond the Pipe Forum

Safe Water Network Ghana hosted its second annual Beyond the Pipe Forum, presenting on new analyses and recommendations for expanding safe water access through public-private partnerships and the use of sustainable technologies.

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2013 India Beyond the Pipe Forum

Safe Water Network hosted its second annual Beyond the Pipe Forum in India, where sector leaders discussed the strategies to advance community safe water solutions.

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Market Assessment: Commercial Provision of Water at the Community Level in Kenya

Developed with support from IFC, this report represents the final stage of a multi-phased project to carry out an in-depth market assessment of the safe water markets in Kenya.

Sector Engagement | India | Field Insight

Consumer Activation Part I

In order to increase consumer demand for safe water, Safe Water Network developed a consumer activation campaign.

Sector Engagement | India | Field Insight

Consumer Activation Part II

As a result of Safe Water Network’s consumer research in the state of Andhra Pradesh, we have begun a campaign that leverages a Safe Water Station’s touchpoints with the community.  

Field Implementation | India | Field Insight

Distribution in India

Cost-effective delivery systems are key to ensuring the financial viability of safe water stations. Our Safe Water Stations operate at low margins in order to maintain affordable prices for consumers.

Field Implementation | Ghana | Sector Review

Ghana Sector Review (2013)

This study focused on how market-based approaches (both commercial and hybrid solutions) can provide the rural and small-town poor in Ghana with safe drinking water.