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Field and market insights: the case for decentralized, community-based water systems.

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Har Ghar Jal by 2030

This report is a mid-term assessment of the Strategic Plan 2011-2022 for rural drinking water, which helps operationalize the NRDWP by setting out goals, objectives and strategic initiatives for the sector.

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India Urban Sector Review (2016)

This assessment of drinking water provision to the urban poor in the four cities of Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad, New Delhi, and Mumbai has been conducted as a part of a partnership between Safe Water Network and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), entitled Urban Small Water Enterprises under the USAID Urban Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Alliance program.

Field Implementation | India | Sector Review

Hyderabad City Report (2016)

The Hyderabad City Assessment aims to form a strong base for better water delivery, governance, and decision making for the urban poor in order to improve their health and lives.

Field Implementation | India | Sector Review

Mumbai City Report (2016)

Safe Water Network's assessment evaluates the gap in the provision of treated drinking water, and identifies the potential role of small water enterprises (SWEs) and digital tools to fill that gap.

Field Implementation | India | Sector Review

Delhi City Report (2016)

The objective of this assessment is to identify challenges and opportunities for Urban Small Water Enterprises in New Delhi to determine how they can best fill the gap to safe water access.

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2016 World Water Week Conference

The 2016 World Water Week allowed Small Water Enterprises (SWEs) to gain recognition as a solution to help meet the needs of the millions of communities around the world lacking access to safe water.

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Consumer Research Interventions in India

This guide has the researched and tested methods of Safe Water Network in providing sustainable water systems in developing nations. Such systems often face barriers in quality, financial sustainability, ownership, and inclusiveness, which the organization has managed to overcome with experience.

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2015 India Stakeholder Consultation Workshop