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Field and market insights: the case for decentralized, community-based water systems.

Field Implementation | India | Field Insight

Sharing Values to Market Rural Water

Safe Water Network partnered with Modern Architects of Rural India to introduce a market-based model to 55 Safe Water Stations.

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2014 India Beyond the Pipe Forum

The third annual International Beyond the Pipe Forum in Hyderabad, India, explored the potential for Public-Private Partnerships to address the safe-water needs of communities in the state of Telangana.

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2014 World Water Week Conference

The theme of the 2014 World Water Week Conference was “Energy and Water.”

Sector Engagement | India | Sector Review

India Sector Review (2014)

Different sectors have relied on a variety of strategies to address the issue. In this report, Safe Water Network examined the different methods in use and tied them together in a single assessment.

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A Study on Socio-Economic Status of Project Villages in India from Promoting Rainwater Harvesting

This study, conducted by Safe Water Network and India’s Institute of Health Management Research (IIHMR), sought to understand: the social and demographic profile of the project villages in question; the economic profile of people in these project villages; and the social and economic dimensions of the variables related to water, sanitation, and health issues.

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Rain Water Harvesting Structures in the Villages of Churu District, Rajasthan, India

This case study looks at a 2009 project supported by Safe Water Network to harvest rainwater from rooftops into water tanks (cisterns) in fifty-five villages in Rajasthan’s Churu district, benefitting more than 1,000 families (many of which were below the poverty line).

Field Implementation | Ghana | Field Insight

Remote Kiosks in Ghana

A significant cost-effective approach implemented in Ghana was establishing pipeline-connected points of sale to the water systems in the country.

Field Implementation | Ghana | Field Insight

Modular Slow Sand Filtration

Modular Slow Sand Filtration (MSSF) technology offers the perks of covering operating costs while making water affordable to the community.