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March 22 2021

Water and Climate Change: Risk and Resilience

“Water and Climate Change: Risk and Resilience” spotlights youth-led initiatives in the water-climate nexus, from nature-based solutions and resilient cities to agriculture and energy.

March 08 2021
Sector Engagement

Women & Smart Water Management in India

“Women & Smart Water Management in India” brought together a cross-section of leading women professionals representing the different parts of the value chain and sharing their knowledge and experience.

December 09 2020
Sector Engagement

Concessional Loans: Unlocking Innovative Finance for Access to Safe Water

Unlocking Innovative Finance for Access to Safe Water is part of Safe Water Network’s ongoing webinar series Innovative Finance for SWEs, which offers an in-depth analysis at innovative finance options from the perspective of financers, implementers, and thought leaders.

September 03 2020

Water, Sustainable Living and Communities

Safe Water Network hosted a virtual, youth-led event with over 500 young global changemakers.

October 23 2019

Water For All Ball

Safe Water Network hosted its inaugural Water for All Ball, its largest fundraising event to date, on October 23, 2019 at New York City’s McKittrick Hotel.

August 30 2019
Sector Engagement

2019 World Water Week Conference

The Safe Water Network Team participated in various sessions during the Stockholm International Water Institute World Water Week conference in 2019.  

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