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March 20 2019
Sector Engagement

2019 Ghana Beyond the Pipe Forum

Building on progress made during the 2018 Forum, the 2019 Beyond the Pipeline Ghana focused on “Mainstreaming Small Water Enterprises for Scale.”

October 31 2018
Sector Engagement

2018 India Beyond the Pipe Forum

The Beyond the Pipe Forum featured the launch of a Small Water Enterprise Alliance which will facilitate joint initiatives to establish industry standards, accelerate sector funding, and advance regulatory reform.

August 01 2018
Sector Engagement

2018 World Water Week Conference

Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) hosted the annual World Water Week, where Safe Water Network was given the opportunity to engage with a number of partnering organizations in promoting collaboration within the water sector.

March 14 2018
Sector Engagement

2018 Ghana Beyond the Pipe Forum

Safe Water Network’s annual Ghana Beyond the Pipe Forum brought together leaders from the Ghana water sector as well as representatives from many of Safe Water Network’s key funding partners in Ghana.

September 01 2017
Sector Engagement

2017 India Beyond the Pipe Forum

The Forum was part of an ongoing effort to convene and initiate the advancement of sector knowledge and engagement of sector participants to chart a roadmap and advance the scaling of Safe Water Enterprises.

March 01 2017
Sector Engagement

2017 Ghana Beyond the Pipe Forum

Safe Water Network convened its fifth annual Ghana Beyond the Pipe Forum which included sector leaders from the government, NGOs, development partners, and foundations.

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