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November 09 2021

Women and Water: Entrepreneurship and Empowerment through Better Access

Women, including those from marginalized communities, have always been a key focus of Safe Water Network. Through empowerment, outreach activities, and innovative interventions, we have been able to put women at the forefront of our work.

November 01 2021
Sector Engagement

2021 Ghana Beyond the Pipe Forum

In the 2021 Ghana Beyond the Pipe Forum, sector leaders along with community members and stakeholders address the ways the Ghana water sector can address the financial gaps that hinder people from accessing safe and affordable water. 

September 14 2021
Sector Engagement

Water Quality Assurance from Water ATMs

Dr. TNVV Rao from our India team presents the importance of water quality assurance from water ATMs.

August 27 2021
Sector Engagement

2021 World Water Week Conference

Safe Water Network presented key findings on the resiliency of small water enterprises at Stockholm International Water Institute’s World Water Week 2021. 

August 17 2021
Sector Engagement

Water from Air: Meghdoot

Naveen Mathur from Maithri Aquatech, an SWE Alliance member, presents an innovative Water ATM that converts ‘Water from Air’ for providing affordable safe drinking water to underserved communities.

August 03 2021
Sector Engagement

HIX Nano Water Purification Technology

Dr. Arup Sengupta from Drinkwell, an SWE Alliance member, presents on HIX Nano water purification technology. Experts explore the core functions of the sector, including field demonstration for learning affordable technologies, policy and advocacy to influence evidence-based recommendations for the scale-up, and building alliances that generate knowledge-sharing and cost learning.

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